* 148LBS Dead Weight Stacks filled concrete vinyl plates.

* Dural Powder Coating Finish 

* Pivot point on leg developer correctly align with knee joint for biomechanics 

* 2000lbs tensile strength aircraft cables 

* Contoured ,deep padded seat and backrest 

* Function:Tricep Extension. Abdominal Crunch. Leg Extension, Chin Up                

  High Pull AB Crunch. Tricep Push-Down. Lat Pull Down Sit-up                 

  Bicep Curl. Pectoral Fly. Seated Prss Bar Row, Preacher Curl                 

  Bench Press, Leg Kick Back, Seated Shoulder Press, Dip Arm                

  Upright Row. Standing Leg Curl, Standing Shoulder  Knee Raise                  


* With Lat Pull Bar And Ankle Strap , 

* Max user body weight:125Kgs

* Assembly Size: 1680(L)x1500(W)x2160(H)mm

* Packing Size: Box 1: 183x64x18cm

SBM: 0.211      

  Box2: 144x48x14.5cm

SBM: 0.100                       

  Box3: 87x32.5x28.5cm

SBM: 0.080    

  Box 4--Box 5: 37.5x33.5x19cm

CBM: 0.048

* Gross Weight :186KGS 

* Net Weight :175kgs 

* Loading Qty :62set/20GP ,120sets/40GP 

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